One to One

Here are the services and support I offer, one to one. They all involve creating a safe and, where appropriate, stretching space for you to discover what’s important to you, what’s going on for you and what action you want to take.

All of them are possible as single sessions, a group of sessions or a regular subscription based flow. All are possible face to face or online, at times to suit you. 

One option in all of the coaching sessions, is to use storytelling as our tool to explore your best self and how you can bring your best self to life.

Executive Coach

You may well be leading an organisation, a team or directing a large scale transformation. Perhaps you are looking for a safe and stretching space to to help you clarify and crystallise your goals, overcome personal and organisational obstacles. To reach and stretch your potential and that of your organisation too.

Change Coach

Are you leading or involved in change – a programme manager, project manager, scrum master, change agent perhaps? Do you want to get the best out of yourself and your change initiative in the midst of setting change up for success, handling obstacles and grasping opportunities?

Personal Coach

Perhaps you are going through some changes in your life, or would like to activate some change. Or you just want a quiet supportive space to make sense of what is going on in your life and see where that takes you?

Co-Inquiring Together

Are you interested in exploring issues and opportunities together? To share our stories and experiences, learn from each other and drive action together? We can use a method called action research which is about discovering, planning and reflecting on action together.

Curious? Let’s have a call to explore what’s going on for you and discover options that work for you.