Here are examples of the ways in which I work with groups to help them achieve their goals, overcome challenges and reach their potential together.

Group Coaching

Using similar techniques to one to one coaching, I work with groups to explore what’s happening now, what they want to achieve, what the current reality is, their options, leading to agreeing on shared action and shared ways of working together. It can focus in on how the team works together and/or a focus on a shared goal or challenge. It can also include the use of storytelling and story sharing to help the team members develop their best selves, together. This can be a one off session, a series of sessions or a regular flow.

Team Development – Courses and Business Simulations

I deliver group development workshops, focusing on leadership skills, team collaboration, change management, programme, developing our best selves and project management. Sometimes this can be focused on specific groups, such as for women, for students or for change agents.

I work with other organisations to deliver business simulations, such as the Apollo 13 Team Simulation and the DevOps Phoenix Project Simulation and collaborate with other organisations such as Open Limits to design and deliver team development and training initiatives for their clients.

Change Team Workshops

Change teams often need to hit the ground running, become highly performing quickly, handle changes in strategy, direction and team members at the same time as being role models for change. They’re often at the centre of the storm and need to be strong, adaptive at the same time as nurturing themselves and others. These workshops are designed to help change teams get the best out of themselves and the change they are there to deliver. This can be a one off session, or an ongoing flow to sustain the team through extended change

Group Co-Inquiry Together

These sessions involve the group and facilitator coming together to explore ideas, discover together along with planning action and reflecting on what happened. Using action research, we can use a range of storytelling and arts based techniques to discover more deeply and drive action more richly together.

If you would like to explore any of these options, please get in touch and book a call together.