Delivering change and helping others to deliver change too


Services from Semaphora;
  • Change Management, delivering programmes and projects to address business challenges, help teams help themselves to achieve success and put in place foundations for the future
  • Consulting to deliver business change, morale and culture, technology innovation and service improvement
  • Coaching to help people and teams understand and achieve their goals
  • Interactive Workshops and Business Simulations in leadership, teamwork, change and communications skills
  • Interim Management, making change happen from the inside
Semaphora is delivered by Jean Gamester;
  • Track record of delivering improvements in culture, business and technology in the public, private and charity sectors
  • Excellence in delivering workshops, training and coaching in the areas of public speaking, communications, leadership and achieving goals
  • Qualifications include Masters Degrees in Economics and Human Resource Management, Diploma in Accounting and Finance, Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Public Speaking Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Constantly seeking to discover and explore better ways of helping organisations and the people within them to be successful.  A reputation for helpful listening and rolling the sleeves up to make things happen
  • Business writing, published in magazines like The Telegraph, Top Consultant, HR Zone, Economic Voice, The Recruiter, HR Review, Fresh Business Thinking and the Financial Times as well as contributing author of the book Management Skills in IT.
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